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The intellectual property of any business is an important asset whether collectively or individually. There is no precise definition of “intellectual property” but it can be divided into the areas of trade marks, patents, copyright, database rights, designs and confidential information.

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Intellectual property

Intellectual properties are intangible assets. Hence, they can be financially exploited because like physical property, they can be sold or licensed. Every business possesses such assets whether they are aware of it or not. This is true not only to large corporations, but to small and medium-sized entities as well.

No matter what size or nature of business you are in as long as you have established your presence in the marketplace, you need to protect and manage your intellectual property. Doing so is critical as it can mean the difference between business success and failure.

As a small business owner, you should understand the different forms of intellectual property. You should get acquainted with each of them because while others come into play without the need for a registration process, some involve a formal application and examination process before a right can be registered.

Copyright, design, trade mark and patent are among the most popular forms of intellectual property. Copyright is the right to prevent copying (and certain other acts) in relation to works that qualify for protection. It can in a form of artistic, musical, literary, or dramatic works, written or film. Meanwhile, design is “new” when nothing like it has been previously made available to the public. A trade mark identifies goods or services as those produced or provided by a specific person or enterprise. And, patent gives the inventor the exclusive right, for a limited period, to prevent others from using his invention without permission.

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Exercise on-the-go: 5 workouts you can do from your hotel

Not all the time we can have access to the gym and this is probably the reason why some people are forced to resort to exercise at home or even at their hotel room. There are a number of exercises that can be done simply at your hotel; these exercises might be simple and almost do not require equipment but they can give you they same results as if you worked out at the gym.

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However, performing toning exercises at your hotel room requires some knowledge. It will also need some motivation. Most of the free exercises done at the gym may be done at your hotel room as well.

However, the fact that you are exercising not at the gym, but the comfort of your hotel room does not free you from the need to warm up. Warm up exercises are as important to your workout as much as stretches at the end of the workout.

When exercising at home or at your hotel room, you don’t have to invest on large expensive pieces of equipment. All you need are just some weights and an aerobic box. Or, you can also improvise some of these pieces of equipment. For instance, you can use staircase’s (if your hotel has) first steps as your step box.

Knowing some exercises that are suitable for hotel rooms can help you a lot, especially if your job takes you on the road. However, if you are on the go and you need to ride a plane for your next business meeting or sales calls, carrying dumbbells are impossible to carry with all these flight regulations.

Thankfully, you can still work your body out using several exercises you can do to stay trim, even if there’s no gym around or you’re on short time.

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Ten ways to ensure your new business doesn’t fail

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Are you thinking of starting your own small business in Perth? Starting a new business is super exciting and can really give someone fortune if done correctly. It can give so many benefits financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally compared when you work for someone else.

However, many are still hesitant and concerned about starting their own business. Well, entrepreneurship really is a risky action. You really need to be careful with your decisions. Otherwise, one wrong move can cost you money, effort, and time wasted.

By definition, an entrepreneur is someone who organises, manages, and assumes risks of a business enterprise. So in order to avoid failure, you need to ask yourself first whether or not you are qualified to become an entrepreneur.

In its definition, it says that entrepreneurship is one should be “assuming the risks of business enterprise.” That is precisely where most potential business owners consider themselves unprepared, mainly because they have never had to assume such risks. The good news is, through mentoring and education; potential entrepreneurs can get themselves prepared and ready to assume such risks.

Failure can happen to any business owner regardless of business type or size you are in. Hence, you need a strategic business plan to prevent or at least reduce the risk of failure. However, there are some ways you can do to ensure that your new business doesn’t fail.

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What Is a Vision Statement?

As a business owner, it is important that you know where you are heading. Otherwise, how can the choices you make along the way help to get you there? The importance of knowing where your business wants to be (big picture vision) is that you can make specific choices to lead you there and ensure all significant business activity contributes to your vision achievement.

The vision of your business is just your starting point. However, creating a compelling vision statement is normally a tough challenge. This is a great investment as can help you grow your business faster and in a more consistent manner. You may find a good business coach to help you lay great foundations for future business growth.

Many businesses only focus on their survival, increased turnover or profits, but fail to think about their future. They may fail to capture their “big picture” in a business vision its employees can really buy into or they may say one thing in their vision statement and do something else altogether in practice.

If you are able to create a well devised and inspirational business vision statement, it acts like glue to bind your organisation together, driving “vision aligned” behaviours.

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How SEO services in Australia can help your business

How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad

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When you run a business, especially when you operate online, you probably already know that there are two important things you work – first is to increase incoming traffic, and secondly create conversions. If you have quality high volume of traffic, it is better for you because you have greater chances of increasing your sales.

How you do drive traffic to your site? There are two popular ways to drive traffic to your website: selective targeting, and through effective and solid ads.

Today, many companies have decided to cut back on online advertising. Those that can afford advertising are driving up the cost of keywords by trying to out-bid each other in order to get the most eyeballs in front of their ads. The competition is fierce that is why small businesses hardly have a chance to even be in the same conversation.

But thanks to the advent of the internet and social media, smaller fishes like you can do something leverage a cost effective ad platform and target your users in a more strategic manner by learning how to market on the internet especially to Create Facebook Ads. Once you know how to create Facebook Ads, you have to get those ads in front of the right people.

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How to Create a Strategic Business Plan

Through research and collaboration can be one of your small business’ most valuable endeavours, you can develop of a powerful strategic plan. However, the urgencies of running a company can quickly challenge the plan execution process. Most owners and executives make the plan an important project, but even so, implementation often suffers as the plan competes with a host of other projects, especially those that are quite urgent.

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Each initiative in the plan should be separated into its components and integrated deep within the company to securely connect a strategic plan to its execution process, regardless of other competing activities. And by tying plan component completion to ongoing employee compensation, timely and sparkling implementation of a company’s strategic plan becomes part of the normal course of business.

Once you have already completed your organisation’s strategic plan, you can use it as your map towards your growth and the next step you need to take is executing it. But unfortunately, the reality of business, with all its pressing concerns, can quickly cause plan execution to falter.

Therefore, simply creating a well-written business plan is not enough. Make sure that you are not trying harder or make the plan an urgent priority. Instead, the solution is to integrate the plan into the company’s ongoing activities so that execution takes place as part of the normal course of business.

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Exercise on-the-go: 5 workouts you can do from your hotel

10 Ways to Prevent Employee Theft and Fraud

Studies show that about ¼ or 25% of the loss in the retail business comes from shoplifting, but a surprising 38% loss comes from employee theft. If your business has workers like that, who needs to worry about shoplifters?

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The problem is that too many business owners and even large business managers are too trusting of their employees and therefore don’t take some common sense steps toward deterring employee theft.

There are several red flags that indicate the possibility that an employee may commit fraud. These indicators consist of behaviour patterns that management should be aware of when attempting to detect and prevent fraud in their company.

Fortunately there are some warning signs you can look for to know if your employee may be stealing from your business. The first sign is when your employee change in spending. I f an employee is spending money outside their usual means, be suspicious. It could be a holiday, a new car, property or personal spending. Be aware of changes in spending and put them on an unwritten watch list for consideration.

Another sign is when he or she changes in routine. We wary of routine because it is the predictability of routine in running a retail business which gives people opportunity. You want to eliminate as much opportunity as possible.

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13 bad money habits you should break in 2016 to build more wealth

We all have money habits, but not all of us have good habits. What we need to know are the important tips on how to build up the good ones and squash the bad. All of these begin in our mind and heat: it is about what you think and feel about your money habits.

Many individuals feel guilty about their habits of buying too much, eating too much or travelling too much. If this is Perth Business Newsyou, give yourself a break right now – they’re just habits and habits can be broken.

The best way to break such bad habits is by realising that the reason of all these is you making bad decisions and you are not in an auto-pilot mode. Probably your negative money habits started because it made you feel good in some way. So you did more of it – but then, pay up time arrived and you started to beat yourself up about that.

Beating yourself up about a bad money habit will actually increase the likelihood of it continuing; it’s addictive! In order to get over this struggle, you need to make a strong decision of making a self discipline focus on your goals.

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The profits your business can get from internet marketing Perth

In today’s modern world, marketing experts in Perth have added one more type of marketing to the most effective marketing list, and that is internet marketing Perth. Internet marketing, or also known as web marketing, digital marketing, or online marketing, is a new and effective way of promoting your product or service online.

internet marketing perthInternet marketing is considered by most experts as the most effective and most beneficial marketing strategy of the modern generation. It is the best way of getting the attention of millions of people even without meeting them personally.

Nowadays, internet marketing is used as the major strategy of marketing campaign by numerous organisations, not only in Australia but in all countries across the globe. These companies are consulting SEO services to help them boost their online presence through their business website and social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The job of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation Experts is to boost your company’s horizon and gives you access to your customers all over the world. They do these things by ranking your business website on top of result pages generated by the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! With your website ranking on top of these results, it is more likely to generate heavy traffic and more chances that these visitors will convert into sales.

Internet marketing has really become a big thing in the business marketing and advertising world. And with the help of an expert SEO provider, there are numerous benefits your business can get from this form of marketing method.

How SEO services in Australia can help your business

Trying to increase their online visibility is one of the biggest goals entrepreneurs target that is why they build their business website and focus on their internet marketing efforts. Nowadays, people are turning to SEO services Australia help their business websites and generate a lot of sales regardless of the size of your business. These experts have been helping a lot of entrepreneurs by lifting their website above their respective competition. They help business websites to rank high on search engine result pages.

SEO services AustraliaSEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a complicated field and is constantly changing. Hence, you really need to know the latest trends of SEO and how you can utilise them. This is the primary reason why you need an SEO expert to help you dominate the competition you are in and achieve success.

When choosing a company however, you need to choose the one that you feel a good match with your needs. You don’t have to immediately hire the first one that offers this service because there is no shortage for such service particularly in Australia.

The key for hiring the best SEO service provider successfully is by preparing a list of questions to ask for the prospected company. Ask them about how they will ensure the success of your business, what strategies they will use for your website to rank high or what digital marketing initiatives do they recommend to boost the sales of your product or service.

SEO is indeed a key recipe for the success of your business. However, you really need to be careful in choosing the right company who will provide the services for you.